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Relaxation Massage

With the use of our Aveda aromas, the massage will help evoke feelings of tranquility and well-being.

30 minutes (back neck, & shoulders)
$ 60.00
60 minutes (full body)
90 minutes (full body)
ADD ON CBD massage oil to any of the above for an additional $20.00
Hot Stone Therapy Massage

The stone therapy goes beyond the physical experience of relaxation massage, creating a positive approach to body-mind-spirit.

60 minutes
90 minutes
Stress Fix Body Massage

This signature treatment combines relaxation massage, foot reflexology and acupressure techniques to guide you to deep relaxation. This treatment features the Stress-Fix aroma of lavender, lavendin and clary sage, which is clinically proven to relieve feelings of stress.

60 minutes
90 minutes
ADD ON a 15minute TMJ treatment for an additional $25
Deep Pressure Swedish

Unlike relaxation massage, this treatment involves deeper pressure to really get those knots out. It treats sports-related pain, chronic inflammatory pain conditions and acute injury pain. This massage is definitely not “by the book” and is tailored to each guest individually. It involves not just finger and thumb pressure, but also forearm rolling and pressure applied with the heels of the hands and elbows. The guest is encouraged to stay well hydrated and not drink alcohol, as this treatment can provide a detoxifying effect and have some symptoms afterwards such as lightheadedness, feeling groggy, mild bruising or nausea.

60 minutes
90 minutes
ADD ON Cupping Therapy to 60 or 90 minute deep pressure massage for an additional $25
ADD ON a 15 minute TMJ treatment for an additional $25
Full Body Prenatal Massage
Can be done fully clothed with little to no oils or creams, or the “traditional way” while leaving both undergarments on. Mom to be will be draped appropriately to feel safe and secure during the service.  Those wanting a treatment fully clothed, please wear yoga tights/leggings and a cotton t-shirt/long sleeve shirt. Massage is performed in side-lying and supine positions and body worker uses a bolster and pillows to help guest remain very comfortable. Pressure will vary from light to firm and will tackle all issues such as lower back/hip pain, neck and shoulder pain, leg cramps, sleeping problems, edema, and overall discomfort.
60 minutes
90 minutes
ADD ON a 15minute TMJ treatment for an additional $25
Indian Head Massage
Ancient Ayurvedic head and scalp massage was developed originally by holy men in the Himalayas around 1800 BCE. The head is the center of our nervous system and head massage is essential to relieving stress and pain in those areas from the shoulders up.  Erica uses swedish and thai techniques with pressure points, neck and shoulder massage, along with facial massage and stretches, and mild rhythmic tapping. This treatment uses a lot of massage oil throughout this service that is left in the hair and scalp. This treatment can be used alone, or added on to another spa service
30 minutes
ADD ON a 15minute TMJ treatment for an additional $25
Cupping Therapy

Silicone cups are used on the back,neck & shoulders to promote increased blood circulation.  This helps to relieve muscle tension, promote cell repair and aid in regeneration. The treatment also helps to improve the immune system and flush away toxins.

**may cause redness and temporary bruising due to the cupping action**

30 minutes
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