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Eastern Style Reflexology
Working the hands and feet is an ancient art that dates back to a variety of cultures. The earliest evidence of hand and foot massage was discovered in ancient Egyptian tombs, dating back to approximately 2330 BCE. The ancient Chinese worked the hands and feet to help maintain good health.  The theory that one’s “Qi” or life force runs through 14 main meridians in the body, 12 of these either begin or end in the tips of the fingers and toes. Massage to these areas stimulates and balances the flow of harmonious energy in the body. There is also evidence of working the hands and feet to improve health in traditional Ayurvedic medicine which was developed in India and considered the oldest recorded system of healing dating back approximately 5000 years.
It promotes lymphatic and blood circulation with rhythmic movements along the legs, as well as nerve stimulation on all parts of the feet. The feet alone have over 7500 nerve endings and over 40 pressure points. Many of them connect to major organs, bones and joints. The therapist uses all parts of her hands to perform this massage, not just the fingertips. This is a great massage to have as a sole treatment, or as an add-on to a full body massage or perhaps a pedicure.
30 minutes
60 minutes
Modified Foot Reflexology (safe during pregnancy)

This service is just like our 30 min Eastern Reflexology, however we skip the areas contraindicated in pregnancy. This service treats headaches, sleep issues, edema, leg cramps, nausea, etc.

30 minutes
Spa Manicure

Enjoy an aromatic hand soak, followed by full cuticle and nail care, a hand and arm massage, and finish with your choice of our vegan polish or a buffed shine with paraffin.

60 minutes
Essential Manicure

A quick tidy up to rejuvenate and maintain healthy hand and nail care.

40 minutes
Spa Manicure with Gel Polish

Enjoy a refreshing hand soak, full cuticle and nail care, followed by a gel polish application. Finish with an application of Hand Relief and aromatic oil for the cuticles.

60 minutes
Spa Pedicure

Treat yourself with an aromatic foot soak, foot exfoliation, full nail, cuticle and callus work, and a stress-relieving lower leg and foot massage. Finished with your choice of our vegan polish or a buffed shine with paraffin.

60 minutes
Lounge Pedicure

Offered in our open area pedicure lounge that can accommodate up to three people. Includes: foot soak, scrub, cuticle and callus work, massage, nail shaping and polish application.

60 minutes
Spa Pedicure with Gel Polish

Treat yourself to a light aromatic exfoliating foot soak, full nail, cuticle and callus care, luxurious massage, followed by a gel polish application. Finish with an application of Foot Relief and aromatic moisturizing oil for the cuticles.

60 minutes
Essential Pedicure

Perfect for our guests that have regular pedicure and don’t require the regular work done in our spa pedicure.  Includes a foot soak, nail care, polish application and finishing cream.

Essential Pedicure
45-50 minutes
Signature Stress-Fix Manicure or Pedicure

The “stress-fix” aroma is clinically proven to relive feelings of stress. The aroma is incorporated throughout the service to achieve maximum relaxation and a higher sense of calm. (Treatment includes polish application and paraffin.)

Stress-fix manicure
75min I $80.00
Stress-fix pedicure
75min I $100.00
Gel Polish Removal + Clean Up

Remove your gel polish, with some nail work, to clean up your nails.

30 minutes
Nail Trim

Enjoy a nail trim and file with light buffing for either hands or feet.

15 minutes
Hand Facial

A customized Elemental Nature approach to pamper and rejuvenate your hands.

Add to any spa service
Gel Polish Removal Add-on
For removal of previous Gel Nail Polish, there is a $10 charge and an additional 15 mins required so please let us know at time of booking if you currently have gel polish on your fingers and/or toes.
French Polish Add-on
Paraffin Add-on
Nail Art Add-on
$5.00 & up
Gel Polish Removal & Clean up
When choosing CUSTOMIZED ADDED OPTIONS please specify when reserving your appointment.
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